BIS Contact Center

Fast migration to the cloud to grow 10x more

BIS Contact Center is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that offers its customers a comprehensive omnichannel management solution. Located in the city of Cartagena, in the only free-service zone in the Colombian Caribbean, it operates with state-of-the-art technological tools, highly qualified staff resources and innovation. Since it began, BIS Contact Center has leveraged the health sector — one of the most competitive local segments — by specializing in high-value services.

With the philosophy of “outsource what you don’t like,” BIS has gradually gained the confidence of a highly regulated sector — where the governance of its customers’ personal data is key to business.

It started with the basic process of appointment management, relying on the on-premises CIC solution from Interactive Intelligence. From there, BIS demonstrated it could use the latest technology at every opportunity it had to solve more complex iterations, In this way, it gained the trust of many companies in the Healthcare sector by developing specializations that result in high-value services.

To focus on its customers’ core processes, BIS also began to apply different quality certifications such as ISO 27001, which describes the proper way to manage information security within a company. It’s at this point that BIS began to consider adopting the cloud paradigm.

“We realized that Genesys Cloud™ was where we had to go,” said Carmona, pointing out that BIS implemented five positions in the cloud after winning a client located in the United States. This was a modest and incipient export operation of services for the company.


  • Successful business model evolution
  • 9-day technology migration
  • Ability to scale up quicky to meet new demands
  • 75% contact rate for new project

We didn’t expect this growth, but we felt confident to say we only needed a couple of days. We knew about Genesys Cloud, we knew it had incredible functionality and that it was super intuitive to work with.

Mauricio Camona, CEO and Founder, BIS Contact Center

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  • Accelerate on-premises migration to the cloud
  • Serve local and offshore customers with expanded services
  • Parameterization of the new cloud solution
  • Provide full visibility to the end customer