Simplifies their contact center to deliver superior customer service

With a history stretching back to 1899, Banorte is the banking subsidiary of Grupo Financial Banorte (GFNorte), serving over 13 million customers in Mexico and the U.S.

Banorte was focused on superior customer service and satisfaction, but this was increasingly difficult to provide with an obsolete Windows 2000 IVR that had been installed to meet the needs of a call center infrastructure. The only metric it provided was the volume of incoming calls — nothing to add value for customers. The bank needed a solution to meet the increasing requirements of the business as it continued to grow and the changing market.

Always looking for vendors who comply with their technology standards, Banorte listened to a group of users who had had a good experience using the GenesysTM application to provide enhanced functionality.

With Genesys, Banorte virtualized its contact center, replaced its obsolete IVR and continues to add new self-service functionality, and gained a simplified, flexible and easy-to-use infrastructure for delivering superior customer service 24X7.


  • Gained a simplified, flexible, easy-to-use infrastructure for 24X7 service
  • Replaced obsolete call center infrastructure with virtualized servers
  • Added new IVR functionality that wasn’t possible before


  • Update obsolete infrastructure
  • Increase self-service IVR performance and functionality
  • Gain visibility into self-service usage to increase value for customers

With Genesys, the company virtualized all servers, replaced its obsolete infrastructure and continued adding new IVR functionalities, such as advanced agent measurement and control tools for users.