Holistic customer engagement in a mobile-first world

Bank OCBC NISP is a public-listed banking and financial services company in Indonesia. It has 338 branches and 759 ATMs across Indonesia and ranks among the top 10 banks by assets in the country. The company aims to expand its footprint beyond the 61 cities where it currently has a physical branch presence.

Indonesia’s geography and demographics have traditionally posed challenges for bringing banking services to the masses. Of the total population, an estimated 66% of Indonesians remain unbanked, mainly due to the lack of physical bank branches across the archipelago of 17,500 islands. In contrast, the country has a high mobile penetration rate, with 73 million out of 273 million people using smartphones to access the internet.

Bank OCBC NISP is pursuing a mobile-first strategy to extend its reach and address the opportunity to serve Indonesia’s 180 million unbanked consumers. The bank also wants to target the country’s 65 million-strong mobile internet-savvy millennials — an attractive new customer segment for digitally led financial products and services. To achieve this goal, the bank has partnered with Genesys to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across multiple digital footprints — from onboarding to customer support and services.

In April 2018, Bank OCBC NISP rolled out its digital transformation program to provide contactless mobile banking services and enhanced customer experience to heighten its appeal to mobile-savvy customers. In line with Indonesia’s regulatory face-to-face Know Your Customer (KYC) verification requirement to open a new account, the bank launched the digital e-KYC program, incorporating a video call function on its mobile banking app to accelerate and simplify customer onboarding processes.

Bank OCBC NISP integrated its in-app video solution and contact center support system on a single platform with the Genesy Engage™ application. This allows greater visibility across multiple channels to accurately track where customers are in the critical stages of the journey — from onboarding to transacting and problem resolution. Contact center agents now have a 360-degree view of the customer and can proactively deliver timely, relevant communications for more personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.


  • Increased customer reach to 96 new cities
  • Under 15 minutes to open an account, down from 45 minutes
  • Six-hour activation time; previously this took four days
  • 37% reduction in KYC operating costs
  • 142% rise in the number of new customers onboarded
  • 90% improvement in contact resolution rate
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  • Increase coverage and provide a mobile-first banking experience to unbanked customers
  • Transform from operating as a call center to a one-stop customer solution center
  • Reinforce customer trust