Australia Post

Creates personal relationships with customers

With a history stretching back over 205 years, Australia Post and their transport and logistics company, StarTrack, comprise Australia’s largest retail network and deliver 12.6 million items to 11.3 million addresses every day. Recent strategic acquisitions have also positioned the company as a leading eCommerce organization, supporting marketplace platforms, supply chain management and payment services.

Australia Post realized they needed a solution that could be tightly integrated with their existing technologies, including their CRM system. To help them build that solution, Australia Post turned to their long-term partner, Genesys. Now, they have integrated their IVR with their CRM software and solutions from other vendors, transforming the way they operate. Customers, parcels and repeat interactions are immediately identified, so agents have full context before an interaction even begins. They’re able to solve problems more quickly than before, reducing customer frustration.

We had an environment where, even if you called us every day, we wouldn’t have known who you were. Today, we know who you are, the parcel that you’re calling about, the status of that parcel, and when it will be delivered—in nearly real-time. It’s a real market differentiator.

Patrick Nesbitt, Head of Channel Optimization, Australia Post