Empowering customer experience heroes

The Actavo contact center in Glasgow is the first point of contact for customers of many telecoms, power, water, wind and public-sector organizations. Continuing with end-of-support IT infrastructure meant significant investment for no extra benefit. So, to keep pace with explosive growth, Actavo decided to move to the cloud.

The Genesys CloudTM platform was the only solution that could be deployed with staff fully trained and ready to go within the six-week target. With greater control of contact center management, Actavo has changed the way it communicates and engages with customers.

Agents work more efficiently and deliver a superior customer experience. Customers can self-serve or request an agent to contact them via the callback option. Outbound activities are also more efficient. With lots of exciting possibilities, Actavo can easily add new agents, features and channels with minimal cost.


  • 100% uptime since going live over a year ago
  • 80% of calls answered within 20 seconds
  • Under 5% abandonment rates
  • More outbound connections for less effort


  • Make the contact center a business growth enabler
  • Deliver a new platform within a six-week migration window

Tasks come into call queues and are automatically pushed to the most appropriately-skilled agents, giving supervisors much better performance visibility.

Alexander Barr, Customer Services Director, Actavo