The First MicroFinanceBank Limited

Pakistani bank bridges the social and economic divide

The First MicroFinanceBank Ltd, Pakistan (FMFB-P), plays a crucial role in the community. For nearly two decades, they have helped combat poverty, contributing to social and economic well-being through outreach programs and targeted financial products and services.

The success of that mission—closing the divide between all economic groups—has seen FMFB-P become the largest player among commercial and microfinance banks in Northern Pakistan with a market capitalization of US $230 million. But taking the business to the next level required a new contact center strategy to drive digital innovation.

“It was getting harder to complete core tasks like generating PIN numbers and activating cards. We were also missing customer interactions across channels, hindering productivity and decision making,” said Syed Ali Abbas Kazmi, Unit Head of Digital and Financial Inclusion at FMFB-P.

“To address these issues and reach deeper into the community, we wanted to introduce digital services. But limited and siloed systems were holding us back.”

Switching to a Genesys™ contact center helped the bank get back on track and take their customer experience into the digital era.


  • 45% rise in chat interactions
  • Over 400,000 likes on social media
  • 33% drop in average handle time
  • Over 90% in net promotor score
  • About 40,000 new cards issued

When it comes to adding agents, features and sites, we can do it faster and less expensively which, for a microfinance bank, is a major competitive advantage.

Abdul Mannan, Unit Head of Customer Services at The First MicroFinanceBank Limited, Pakistan


  • Help more customers secure better futures
  • Improve service quality and process efficiency