Leads the industry in customer satisfaction

A Canadian telecommunications company, TELUS prides themselves on delivering exceptional customer service—and they have the metrics to prove it. In 2015, TELUS had the lowest postpaid wireless monthly churn rate and highest NPS of all telcos in North America.

With over 12 million customer connections across wireless, residential network access lines, high-speed internet and television, TELUS has a massive customer base. And every single customer’s opinion counts. In fact, their customer service policy states, “95% of our customers are satisfied with our customer service. But we won’t be satisfied until we get to 100%.”

Learn how Genesys is an important part of that effort, enabling TELUS to enhance the customer experience with not only end-to-end communication across all channels but also end-to-end caring.

This technology has been a gamechanger for us. I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and this is the first time we’ve had the ability to build two-way conversations and relationships with customers.

Carley Brandon, Strategy Manager, TELUS

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