Rapid Financial Solutions

Growing financial services company improves customer service and agent satisfaction

Rapid Financial Solutions was founded in 2005 as a prepaid card program manager and card processor for the Sport Officiating Industry under the auspice of RefPay.com. In 2008, Rapid sold a controlling interest in RefPay to the NCAA. Since then, Rapid has expanded into additional industries and applications. With expertise in banking, software development and operations, Rapid works with businesses to provide complete end-to-end payment solutions.

The Genesys Cloud™ platform has enabled Rapid to streamline contact center systems and improve integration for a better customer experience, more satisfied agents and increased efficiencies.  The open, flexible Genesys Cloud architecture and comprehensive functionality have helped Rapid deliver on a modern customer experience strategy, while minimizing resource requirements.


  • Improved customer service and agent satisfaction
  • Increased internal efficiencies
  • Better agent performance
  • Built in PCI compliance


  • Complex system and lack of comprehensive features
  • Lack of true cloud architecture and comprehensive contact center
  • Limited integration



Despite our youth, we know that customer engagement is essential to delivering value. The technology behind Genesys Cloud gives us what we need for an effective customer engagement strategy without draining resources.

Daren Jackson, CEO, Rapid Financial Solutions