Transforming customer and employee experiences for bottom-line benefits

Pentafon is one of Mexico’s top business process outsourcers, providing clients in finance, telecommunications, retail and government with solutions for everything from outbound sales to revenue collection. The company’s contact centers employ more than 2,600 agents in four cities, handling over 86 million contacts annually. To stand out and stay ahead, Pentafon adopted the Genesys™ application.

“We felt Genesys offered the safest, shortest path to omnichannel and digital transformation,” said Paola Ferrer, Director of Innovation and Development for Pentafon. “Prior to that, we had the usual problems like systems going end-of-life, lack of support and inability to customize. Having two different platforms meant we couldn’t get a complete view of customer interactions or agent performance and training needs.”

The move to the Genesys application resulted in several quick wins. Consolidating voice, email and webchat on a single desktop allows agents to multitask without the need to toggle between different tools and screens. Improving the experience even further, customers can switch seamlessly between channels without having to repeat information.


  • 92% time savings on schedule creation — from 3 days to 2 hours
  • Improved accuracy for budget control and forecasting with less effort
  • Better agent performance
  • Real-time tracking of agents and daily reviews
  • Higher employee satisfaction with no payroll discrepancies and just one application to learn

With our old manual approach, we used to spend at least three days creating staff schedules. Now, it only takes a couple hours.

Paola Ferrer, Director of Innovation and Development, Pentafon


  • Systems going end-of-life, lack of support and an inability to customize
  • Incomplete view of customer interactions, agent performance and training needs