Delivering extraordinary omnichannel connectivity

MyBudget is a personal budgeting services company established in 1991. They help their customers gain control of their finances, achieve their financial goals and manage debt by assisting them with personal budgeting. MyBudget, so far, has helped over 100,000 Australians improve their financial position and financial health with over 270 staff spread across Australia and other parts of the world. They have 11 offices and are managing close to $1 billion every year on behalf of their clients.

With customer experience being at the heart of every interaction, it is important for their clients to be able to contact MyBudget anytime, anywhere. Before moving to the Genesys Cloud™ platform, MyBudget was using an on-premises contact center solution which was expensive and inflexible to change and lacked important features such as voice to text, voice authentication, and intelligent routing. The existing features and roadmap of upcoming Genesys Cloud functionalities were highly appealing to MyBudget.


  • 85% agent schedule adherence — up from 60%
  • 19% increase in employee satisfaction
  • After-call work reduced from over 10 minutes to 90 seconds
  • Increased customer satisfaction — star rating increased from 3.8 to 4.5
  • Cost-effective roadmap for AI and future service improvements

We chose Genesys Cloud as our platform as we knew that it was the next phase of where MyBudget is going and where we're really wanting to get to. Having a cloud-based solution can really help amplify any type of business. I fully believe that by implementing Genesys Cloud and using it to help with our clients' interactions, by being able to route differently than what we've been doing before, by being able to have real quality interactions that would help and benefit our clients. That's why we chose Genesys Cloud.

Steven Bailey, Chief Client Officer, MyBudget


  • Inability to add or change features and functionalities
  • Lack of key functionalities
  • High cost of solution