Improves borrower experience with omnichannel customer engagement

As a nonprofit organization that helps people manage their education loans, MOHELA has different standards for success than a collection agency. “We’re focused on keeping borrowers from going into default, as opposed to simply collecting on a debt,” said Don Bertier, CIO at MOHELA. “Our goal is to keep our loan portfolio in good standing and ensure that borrowers know what options are available.”

In addition to outbound calls to delinquent borrowers, MOHELA launches outbound campaigns to alert borrowers of changes in their payment plans. They also field inbound calls from borrowers who have questions about their accounts.

A new solution was also needed to help MOHELA meet its growth objectives.


  • Threefold increase in outbound call capacity.
  • Improved self-service capabilities.
  • Call quality and consistency improvements.
  • New business opportunities with PureConnect flexibility.


  • Faced difficulty keeping up with demand for services
  • Wanted a single platform contact center solution that offered ability to scale

Thanks to PureConnect, we’ve seen more than a threefold increase in our capacity to make outbound calls, which has improved our borrower outreach effectiveness.

Don Bertier, CIO, MOHELA