Cloud clears way for innovation

For French vehicle insurer, L’olivier – assurance auto the contact center is a vital business driver for everything from outbound sales to claims handling and specialist vehicle coverage. However, a hard-to-scale IT infrastructure diminished customer experience and prevented the team from maximizing learning and plans for effective contact handling.

Moving to the Genesys CloudTM platform provided advanced routing, real-time reporting and a path to unify email, chat and social interactions — all for a per-user monthly price.

Agents now feel empowered and work efficiently, switching effortlessly between inbound and outbound tasks. Managers have real-time data at their fingertips and can measure so much more.

Most issues are resolved during the first interaction and abandonment calls have dropped from 18% to 3%. Routine jobs, such as loading data for sales campaigns, are automated and less time-consuming. The IVR system invites customers to rate their experience, which consistently exceeds 90% for satisfaction.


  • Maintains 90% customer satisfaction rates
  • 15% reduction in abandonment rates, from 18% to 3%
  • Improved efficiency and first contact resolution
  • Future integration of channels and operations


  • Raise agent performance and improve customer experience
  • Facilitate collaboration and information sharing

Our customers enjoy a friendlier and more convenient experience on their own terms. And our teams can do what they do best — provide great service and build relationships.

Mariama Guiro, Head of Project Customer Service, L’olivier – assurance auto