Closing the unemployment gap

Harambee keeps the South African job market moving. With a multichannel contact center and expertly run outbound campaigns it connects and matches candidates to jobs in which they’re most likely to succeed. Yet, performance became capped because advisors had to manually dial numbers and there was no insight into why connections were missed.

Now, with the Genesys platform, Harambee has cut capital expenditure and enjoys higher pick-up rates, thanks to new features such as chat, advanced IVR, workforce optimization and outbound dialers.

Agents are 45% more productive. They spend nearly twice as much time ensuring that candidates are invited for interviews. Attendance rates at skill assessments, training seminars and other events are up by as much as 50%. In addition, Harambee is strongly positioned to leverage social media and close the employment divide further still.


  • 30X increase in outbound call volumes
  • 32% increase in engagement with job candidates
  • 50% improvement in event attendance
  • 45% rise in workforce productivity


  • Extend into communities and reach more job candidates
  • Improve contact center insights and productivity


Over three months, we had 663,000 successful connections with candidates. That’s 160,000 more than the previous quarter — using fewer attempts.

Jacques Jonker, Head of Contact Center, Harambee