Moving closer to clients

With 2,000 sales agencies throughout France, it’s vital Groupama maintains close presence and strong relationships. To streamline customer experience, the insurance company extended call steering capabilities to the agency network and back-office teams using Genesys Smart Link technology.

Now, when a customer phones, they speak with their personal advisor who is already familiar with the case. Calls can also be directed to a specialist branch, to a specific geographic area, or to a particular expert—depending on the nature of the inquiry.

Groupama advisors focus more on welcoming, listening to, and providing advice to customers. Also, when a website quotation is requested, the Genesys solution generates a telephone reminder.


  • Clients routed to the closest expert associated with their issue every time
  • On track to improve call response rates by 20%
  • Website quotes acted on within 15 minutes


  • Improve customer experience
  • Make service more efficient and personalized

Our goal was to bridge gaps between sites and, above all, prevent a multitude of contact points from hindering our clients.

Thierry Lardin, Marketing and Customer Distribution Director, Groupama