Cegeka provides high-quality ICT solutions across five countries, helping clients achieve their business objectives. Employing 3,200 people, it realized a 2014 turnover of €280 million—17 percent up on the previous year. In fact, Cegeka has become so good at outsourced IT support that many of its clients ask the company to take over their helpdesks, too. With an environment spanning multiple sites and at least three different contact center technologies, adding extra seats or capabilities was a chore. Obtaining a single view of operations was near impossible. The handling of emails was equally difficult.

The setup also hampered agents’ ability to collaborate with each other and with the rest of the business. Individuals had tried to overcome this problem with freeware messaging systems. To stop this free-for-all the company adopted Microsoft Lync. That’s how Cegeka found itself on the path to collaborative working, with presence as well as the ability to work with others throughout the enterprise using softphones, smartphones, and tablets.

Cegaka turned to Genesys to create a dynamic and flexible contact center system to meet the needs to the growing business. 


  • Call response times improved 90%
  • Time adding new call flows decreased from a week to minutes
  • Faster Integration of contact center acquisitions

“With full integration between sites we’ve improved agent collaboration and boosted customer service levels.”

Luc Greefs
Shared Delivery Services


  • Improve collaboration between contact centers
  • Enhance quality of customer service