Find out how ZON implemented virtual customer service to ensure greater efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

ZON is Portugal's leading provider of Triple Play (Pay TV, broadband, and fixed and mobile telephony). With more than 1.6 million subscribers to its services, the company needed a way to deliver consistently great customer service on a large scale. Therefore, the company wanted to create a virtual contact center where calls could be routed to agents in any location, which would improve the efficiency of call handling times.

It also sought to integrate the contact center solution with ZON's Siebel CRM system and to improve communication with customers by making better use of IVR and self-service solutions. A final complication was that ZON needed to get a new solution in place quickly. This was a major factor in the ZON choice of Genesys when it evaluated a shortlist of three suppliers. Says Fernando Fonseca, Director of Customer Care at ZON: "Genesys already had a large customer base with diverse needs, so they really understood what we needed, [and] the functionalities that we would want.”

ZON has seen a number of efficiency improvements since introducing Genesys, as the adaptability of the Genesys environment allows ZON to easily enhance interactions with customers. Fonseca estimates that virtualizing its contact center operations so all calls are routed from a single queue means that the same pool of agents is now able to handle 10% more calls. What’s more, the company has also seen an estimated 30 second reduction in average inbound call handling times, resulting in an uptick in customer satisfaction


  • Enjoy better reporting because the new centralized, virtual system gives better management control over agents
  • By virtualizing contact center operations, the same pool of agents is now able to handle 10% more calls, thus ensuring efficiency gains
  • Better contract management of outsourced service providers
  • Genesys GVP is handling 3-4% of calls that would have gone to agents
  • Integration with Siebel CRM means agents receive customer details at the same time as the call, thus ensuring faster issue resolution and reducing call handling times
  • Genesys provides user-friendly tools making it easy to facilitate changes to the solution in line with business needs

"Because we didn't have much time to get a solution in place, we chose the vendor with the best existing customer references and greatest experience in virtual contact center solutions and that was Genesys."

Fernando Fonseca, Director of Customer Care at ZON


  • Improve the quality of service provided to subscribers and increase customer satisfaction
  • Standardize solution across all sites
  • Improve efficiency of call handling and reduce handling times
  • Needed technology that was flexible and scalable, with the capability to integrate with existing CRM
  • Implement a completely new IT infrastructure, including a virtual contact center so that calls could be routed to any location
  • Real-time reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) for call queues