Vivonet offers cloud-based point of sale (POS) and powerful back-office reporting and analytics solutions to help hospitality, restaurant and food services companies manage their data, improve operations and better position themselves for growth.

The PureCloud by Genesys platform enables the Vivonet contact center to provide the most reliable tech support, while giving them powerful and easy to use omnichannel customer engagement and collaboration features to improve service.

By ensuring effective, uninterrupted service, PureCloud by Genesys is helping Vivonet fulfill its mission of offering solutions that optimize its customers’ business. 


  • Rapid deployment
  • Ease of administrative use
  • Improved NPS and reduced contact center costs
  • Rich feature-set increases insights  

“The breadth and depth of the PureCloud omnichannel features, combined with the company’s level of professionalism, knowledge and collaboration, have given us the best value for the money.”

Shafique Adatia

Vivonet Team Lead, System Administrator



  • Unreliability results in customer dissatisfaction
  • Lack of features and poor quality performance
  • Minimal omnichannel functionality