Visión Banco Paraguay was launched in May 1992, and is a microfinance company committed to developing and implementing a system of quality management in order to fully meet the requirements of its customers.

Today, after 22 years of operations, it is one of Paraguay’s leading banks with 96 branches and about 2000 workers. It is recognized as an inclusive bank where corporate social responsibility is very important, and that is why providing customers with all the tools they need to choose the most convenient communication channel is a priority.


  • Reduction in operating costs.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Services suited to what the customer prefers.
  • Ability to manage multi-channel experiences consistently by preserving the context and history of customer interactions as they switch from channel to channel.

“We are extremely excited about customer experience. The company is well known in this country, especially for its technical ability. The technical personnel are very confident and well-trained, and they are there when we need them most.”

Estela Spelt, Client Manager of Visión Banco Paraguay


  • Overcome the outdated system of handling customer interactions manually
  • Generate useful statistics
  • Increase workforce optimization
  • Gain the ability to analyze what can be done to improve customer satisfaction