Vidéotron delivers innovative products and services and provides an excellent customer experience. They are Quebec’s most respected telecommunications company, ranked as such for nine consecutive years. Vidéotron provides cable television, interactive multimedia, video on demand, cable telephony, wireless communication and Internet services to Quebec.

Vidéotron found a single-vendor solution with Genesys that worked across all channels, providing virtualized queues for all media types and one reporting system. Vidéotron now has centralized management of all applications and interactions with the ability to apply routing rules across all channels. Role-based access and multi-tenancy that enable data segmentation between the different companies Vidéotron serves provide the required security and scalability.


  • Agent efficiency gains
  • Reduction in transfer errors
  • Scaleable, secure multi-channel capability
  • Centralized management across all interaction channels and touchpoints
  • Consistent service delivery across all channels and touchpoints 


  • SIP-enabled ACD and end-of-lifecycle IVR replacement
  • Multi-channel interaction management
  • Role-based access and multi-tenancy for security
  • Integration to multiple back-end systems, Cisco phones
  • Complex environment requiring proactive monitoring, support

“We knew that Genesys was already one step ahead of other vendors for digital engagement – SMS, email and chat. It became clear the learning curve for my team would take longer with other vendors than it would with Genesys. We are very satisfied with all the Genesys solutions we’re using.”

Martin Marois
Senior Manager, IT for Contact Center Technologies