Find out how Vattenfall gained full control over all channels and tasks from one location and became a successful customer-centric enterprise.

Vattenfall Customer Service Nordic (VCSN) provides customer service operations for the subsidiaries of energy utility Vattenfall, primarily in Sweden and Finland. VCSN serves almost three million points of delivery, including individual households and businesses.

VCSN faced several challenges. First, they had long phone queues, with an average wait time of nearly six minutes and, in extreme cases, customers waited up to 90 minutes. Second, they were only answering around 50% of calls, meaning many customers were hanging up before their query could be answered. Third, even when customers did get through, VCSN was only solving 45 percent of queries during the first contact. In the back office, it took a week to reply to e-mails, and there was a backlog of 10,000 e-mails and 250,000 admin tasks.

VCSN turned to Genesys for a service platform that supports all interaction channels. The company implemented Genesys for voice, e-mail, fax, and mail handling. VCSN saw the benefits of the new environment immediately, with the project paying for itself in less than a year. Now the average time to respond to calls is around 15 seconds; response to e-mails is just two hours; and for admin tasks it’s down to just one and a half hours. Overall, the average handling time for all tasks across all channels has been reduced from 35 minutes to six minutes. What’s more, 95% of callers get to talk to the right person the right time, and VCSN was also able to clear its e-mail queue in just two weeks.


  • Average call waiting times cut from nearly six minutes to 15 seconds
  • Response to e-mails and faxes cut from one week to within two hours
  • Backlogs have been entirely eliminated
  • First contact resolution rates up by 50%
  • Free-speech interactive voice response (IVR) solution helps customers talk to the right person first time
  • Return on Investment in less than a year

“Genesys gives us full control over all channels and tasks from one location. The system has helped us to be much more customer-centric and provide much better service.”

Lars Eriksson, Head of Process and Demand team


  • Needed a customer service platform that would support all channels and create a fully blended environment
  • High levels of customer dissatisfaction due to long call wait times and only 50% of calls answered
  • Only 40% of queries resolved during first contact
  • Extensive backlogs in e-mails and admin tasks
  • Poor customer service impacting the company in terms of lost customers and business opportunities