If you think banking’s a staid and slow-moving industry then you don’t know UniCredit. Formed from the merger of several major Italian banks, it has operations spanning 17 European countries with constantly evolving regulatory and customer service environments.

It may be big, but UniCredit needs to adapt quickly to changing circumstances so its customers get the support they need. “The most important factor for a good experience in banking activity is to make interactions simple and fast,” said Francesco Rosato, Head of Contact Centre Strategy for UniCredit.

As a result, the bank aims to get problems solved in a single call and give customers a seamless experience across multiple channels.

For 15 years, Genesys has been the company’s contact center technology of choice for three reasons. First, it’s viewed as an established vendor with a leading contact center market position. Second, Genesys is good at listening to its customers. Third, concentration on its core business means Genesys innovation goes into improving customer service technology.


  • Rapid compliance with new regulations
  • Agent productivity improved by 40%

“Genesys is usually the first to integrate a new channel into its software suite, and it’s always usable from the word go. That's why we take the full range of Genesys solutions.”

Francesco Rosato
Head of Contact Centre Strategy


  • Need for continuous business transformation
  • Desire to take customer experience to new levels