Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications and information services company. The Telstra Product Connect & Assurance department provides the back office services and telephone contact to support the company’s residential and business customers. It needed a cost-effective solution to proactively and efficiently manage the workload of the staff allocated to the exceptions handling process.

Genesys worked with the Telstra Product Connect staff to conduct a Business Review of their activities, supporting business processes and business planning capabilities.

The full assessment indicated that efficiency could rise by between 15 and 30 per cent. Genesys demonstrated during a proof of concept that implementing Enterprise Workload Management to manage the allocation of exception jobs would lower task times, spread the workload across staff more effectively by dynamically prioritising tasks, and automate the distribution of work.

Genesys Enterprise Workload Management works in harmony with existing ERP, BPM and CRM software applications and legacy systems, to create a single global task list that allocates jobs by business value, urgency, and skill requirement. Telstra could ensure that the right staff received the right jobs at the right time and achieve significant efficiency gains, without the need to re-train or shift staff from the existing customer management systems.


  • Job processing times have fallen from 9.2 minutes to between 5 and 6 minutes, boosting job throughput, productivity, and saved time equivalent to 20 full-time employees.
  • A pilot trial indicated that service activation and provisioning is 22 per cent more efficient.
  • The process Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of jobs completed accurately has risen from 90 to 94 per cent.
  • Managers have increased process visibility, enhancing back office workflows.

“After one week, Genesys Enterprise Workload Management already had people thinking about what they could do to improve. That is success in itself.”

Keven Allan
General Manager,
Customer Connect


  • To increase the efficiency of the exception handling process, thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  • To provide managers with more process visibility via appropriate monitoring tools.