It’s vital that staff get up to speed quickly and are fully equipped to fulfil their individual ambitions and full business potential. For Telenor that meant enabling staff to feel comfortable pitching a growing portfolio of mobile, telephony, broadband, and media services.

Using Genesys Workforce Management, Skills Assessor, and Training Manager, the company developed a special program to convert low performers into high achievers through additional training and job shadowing opportunities.

Now Telenor identifies the root causes for underperformance and takes the right corrective actions immediately, something that wasn’t possible before. The company saw a return on investment in just one month. Feeling more confident new advisors outperformed established advisors on sales. Customer satisfaction improved too with NPS ratings rising for temporary agents.


  • Sales increase by approx. 25% for new temporary agents compared to established advisors
  • NPS improved from 14 to 52 for new, temporary advisors

“We wanted to invest in our people, to help them continuously improve their performance, upsell and cross-sell more effectively. That meant finding ways to uncover skills gaps and speed-up essential knowledge transfer.”

Torhild-Torgersen Hage
Senior Project Manager


  • Improve revenue and customer experience across five centers
  • Quickly and effectively onboard new employees
  • Optimize omnichannel workforce planning process, balancing resource scheduling needs and training