When landline provider Romtelecom and mobile operator Cosmote România joined forces to become Telekom Romania, the rebranding came amid increasing competitive pressures. Growing numbers of service providers were forcing price competition, driving down average revenue per user.

Telekom Romania realized it had to transform its contact center to meet its service goals. That was made easier as Genesys was already the vendor of choice for Deutsche Telekom (the parent company), Romtelecom, and Cosmote Romania.

The Genesys platform implemented by INTRAROM (a subsidiary of Intracom Telecom) has spurred agent productivity, allowing the company to deal with more calls without adding resources. New features and functionality included the ability to offer customers multiple communication channels while optimizing use of agent resources.

Now customers are connected to the right agent, at the right time, with the right tools. This has led to an increase in the rate of first contact resolution by 5 percent as well as improvements in overall customer satisfaction.

Also, predictive dialing means outbound calls can be placed more quickly and reliably, which, in turn, has driven increase of marketing campaign volumes by 20 percent.


  • A 12 percent increase in outbound marketing campaign contact rates
  • A five percent improvement in first-contact resolution rates
  • A seven percent increase in agent productivity

“Jointly Intrarom and Genesys help us enhance differentiation. Without that, we would find it difficult to win.”

Mihai Barbut
Director of Customer Service
Telekom Romania


  • Outpace competitors through product and service innovation
  • Create and maintain high customer care standards