Tata Sky offers its Indian viewers a world-class television viewing experience through its satellite service. Offering superior digital quality picture and sound, Tata Sky aims to empower the Indian viewers with choice, control and convenience through its wide array of programming choices and interactive features. 

In only 10 months, Genesys improved overall efficiencies, delivering a completely integrated platform across all service channels to effectively meet the requirements of Tata Skys 12 million subscribers. Supporting all channels (e.g. email, chat, voice, and social media), Genesys helped turn around service levels.  Tata Sky now experiences a customer experience platform that gives complete visibility and control along with robust reporting which delivers critical customer information into the hands of its agents.


With Genesys, Tata Sky experienced:

  • Improved call handling
  • IVR time Improvement
  • Less abandoned calls 

“There’s no comparison when it comes to Genesys. With greater efficiencies, we can empower our workforce to support customers across multiple touch points seamlessly. Plus, personalized, self-service applications not only improve customer experience but shows that we’re keeping innovation top of mind. ”

N. Ravishanker, CIO, Tata Sky


  • Better control business process outsourcers 
by in-sourcing new technology that provided more flexibility in distributing work among vendors
  • Find an integrated system that was easy to configure and offered centralized reporting
  • Increase worker efficiency rate from the legacy system’s 30%
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)