SaskTel offers a wide range of services, from telephone and television to Internet, cellular, wireless data, and security monitoring, for more than 1.4 million customers in Saskatchewan, Canada. Ranked top in customer satisfaction for full service providers in Canada by J.D. Powers and Associates, SaskTel is serious about offering a great customer experience.

In the past, each salesperson in the Customer Relationship Center (CRC) was responsible for managing the entire process, from making the sale through provisioning, activation and billing. SaskTel realized that this model did not make the best use of their people, and undertook a CRC redesign to:

  • Improve sales agent productivity (increasing revenues)
  • Improve back-office efficiency (reducing costs)
  • Enhance the customer experience from initial call to fulfillment
  • Improve service consistency by ensuring that work happens in time to meet promised delivery dates

SaskTel selected Genesys Enterprise Workload Management to solve the essential problem of managing work. Now, the sales team focuses only on sales interactions. The back office uses a “multi-skilled” agent model – agents handle both real-time, inbound calls and non real-time service fulfillment tasks. The Genesys solution automatically routes both tasks and interactions based on agent availability, and business priorities. With this new rule-based prioritization, SaskTel can consistently achieve its promised service levels, meeting customer expectations.


  • Improved sales productivity and effectiveness
  • Reduced call handling time by 30 seconds per call
  • Increased back-office productivity, with a 10 percent increase in occupancy
  • 15 percent reduction in FTE staffing costs
  • Better service delivery through task/call prioritization

"The Genesys solution is helping us improve our sales performance on the front end while protecting customer retention by providing a consistent customer experience. And because calls and tasks are now prioritized according to business and customer needs, we’re operating more efficiently and effectively than ever before."

Stephen Blayone Director, Consumer Sales, Sasktel


  • Complex service sales and provisioning processes
  • Lack of control over service fulfillment tasks
  • Difficulty scheduling staff for inconsistent workload