With over 28 years in the international market targeting prestigious companies in the financial, retail, and education sectors, Recsa Chile leads the way in recovery services, selling products and card activations and delivery of valued products.

A significant market downturn greatly impacted the levels of unpaid consumer debt and also meant there was lower usage of the company’s services. Despite this, its customer base grew, and with nearly seven million collection management transactions to perform, the company needed to increase its productivity.

With the addition of the latest Genesys solutions, Recsa has seen significant results. These include, for example, cost savings, increased revenue and increased collections, a drop in the transfer error rate from 9% to 0.2% after just three months, and a rise in the direct answer indicator.


  • Savings, increased revenue and increased collections
  • Failures stopped immediately after the implementation; in 3 months the transfer error dropped from 9% to 0.2%; and the direct answer indicator also rose
  • Reduction in the cost of managing technology and increased ease of administration
  • Reduction in staff turnover, with better training, and better performance of the company in general.

"Genesys was chosen because of its modular, open platform, that allows high level management."

Francisco O'Ryan
General Manager, Recsa Chile


  • Reduce failed calls by 30%
  • Verify interoperability, the integration of systems and transaction tracing
  • Increase management effectiveness, work with indicators that allow the prediction of workloads
  • Optimize utilization of resources