Princeton University is globally recognized for its academic excellence and is one of the top research facilities in the United States.  The Princeton Facilities Customer Service Center handles an average of 120 calls a day from over 10,000 students, faculty, and staff regarding services ranging from window repairs to electrical outages.

This contact center relied on a four-year-old Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system. When the system crashed in the middle of a fiscal year, there was limited time to find additional capital and a new solution to streamline and improve operations.

To eliminate the issues it had experienced with on-site hardware, Princeton sought a cloud-based contact center solution. They took advantage of the Genesys free trial of the Premier Edition - Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to build a test application using actual call routing scenarios and integrating ACD and Self-Service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality.

In only a few weeks, Princeton went from test to live application.  Now, 24/7 web-based administration enables easy updates or changes to the contact center, including call flow changes, message updates, and addition of call queues or agents. Without IT support or maintenance costs, the Princeton Facilities Customer Service Center is free to focus on providing the highest level of customer service.


  • Provided call center solution with intuitive 24/7 cost-free administration
  • Enabled reporting of call center metrics and customer data
  • Allowed agent and system flexibility during emergencies
  • Streamlined after-hours notification system

“The Genesys Premier Edition - Virtual Contact Center allows flexibility in how we act as agents. The system is very efficient; it minimizes hold times and provides a level of reporting that has been a real eye-opener. It has made a dramatic improvement for our team and our callers.”

Jen Whiting
Customer Service Manager
Princeton University


  • Replace outdated call center system with no up-front costs
  • Provide easy and cost-effective way to make system modifications
  • Track and report call center metrics to improve performance