OnProcess Technology provides service supply chain optimization, back office operations support, and customer experience management services to some of the world’s leading technology companies.

One long-time client, a top three U.S. cable, high-speed Internet, and phone provider was incurring high operational costs and reduced satisfaction scores as a result of customers missing or rescheduling appointments. In a highly competitive market for cable operators, reduced satisfaction can result in customer churn and reduced revenues.

OnProcess chose a proactive customer communications solution from Genesys to develop a fully compliant program that sends SMS text messages to remind customers of their appointment scheduled for the following day. Successful installations were increased and rescheduled appointments, truck rolls, and day-of-job failures were reduced.


  • $1.7 million increase in customer acquisition revenue
  • $100,000 month-end savings in unnecessary truck rolls
  • Decreased same-day appointment cancellations
  • Improved customer satisfaction surveys
  • Streamlined back office processes and customer retention

"The real passion for this business is evident in everyone you speak with at Genesys. Whether it’s a Sales Executive, an Engineer, or a Customer Care Representative -- and that's what keeps me coming back."

Pam Roddy, Senior Vice President Delivery Services

“Proactively sending appointment reminders via SMS has not only helped our cable client streamline installation processes, but also increased their customer satisfaction levels. Genesys provides deep expertise and mobile best practices to ensure our outbound messaging remains compliant.”

Lindsay Shields
Director of Client Care
OnProcess Technology


  • Missed installation appointments
  • Unnecessary technician truck rolls
  • Low satisfaction survey scores
  • Customer churn rates