NEC Fielding provides one-stop IT support and services to cover the entire lifecycle of enterprise IT systems, from planning, designing, implementation, installation, operation, monitoring, and maintenance through to improvements. The promptness and accuracy of the contact center’s initial response have a large effect on reducing troubleshooting time. After the formation of area contact centers, NEC Fielding reduced the time to deploy customer engineers to two-thirds of what it used to be. They have accomplished service improvements by setting up a system based on detailed indicators such as incoming call rate, response rate and the number of calls completed by each area.

NEC Fielding is making full use of Genesys to improve initial response, a factor that has a great effect on customer experience.  


  • Reduced customer engineer deployment time
  • Accomplished of real-time management
  • Improved business sustainability
  • Award winning Customer Support Division

“Thanks to Genesys, we were able to set up exclusive points of contact right after the Gear East Japan Earthquake and other exclusive points of contact for customers over a one-day span. We were able to put all necessary center operations into action immediately.”

Mr. Hisashi Nakatsukasa
Manager, Customer Support Division, NEC Fielding


  • Reconstructing contact center system and improving BCP
  • Providing IT support service tailored to local demands
  • Reducing customer engineering deployment time