The fourth largest optical retailer in the U.S. operates 750 locations across the country. To help better understand each customer’s experience and location’s performance, National Vision implemented a customer satisfaction survey utilizing the Net Promoter Scorecard (NPS) measurement tool. The company sought a solution that would make daily customer outreach, data collection and analysis, and reporting within NPS as simple and accurate as possible.

Deciding that agents conducting outbound survey calls would be too costly and require a lengthy setup, National Vision implemented the Genesys Proactive Customer Communications (PCC) solution to send their survey via an outbound Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and gather immediate feedback from customers. 


  • Believe the automated system results in more honest responses than live agent calls
  • Increased outbound surveys to nearly 13,000 per week
  • Achieved regular completion rate of 14% 

“We determined that our ideal solution would be easy and fast to implement, offer plenty of flexibility for changing survey content. We found that Genesys offered all of those features and at a price point that met our needs.”

Louann Seguin
Customer Satisfaction Manager
National Vision Inc.


  • Analyze customer service performance at more than 500 retail locations
  • Perform daily outreach to all customers
  • Report on and analyze data within company CRM system
  • Provide an anonymous outlet for customer responses