Find out how Jetstar ensures cost efficient virtual customer service thanks to the flexibility of a hosted cloud solution.

Jetstar Airways is the fastest growing airline in Australia and Asia. It operates in the budget travel sector and places a high value on customer service. Part of its charter is to ensure that customers are always well informed, and that its contact centers handle all customer interactions in a helpful, fair, open and consistent manner. For several years, Jetstar had used an outsourcing agreement with an Australian call center service provider to manage its bookings and customer services. However, it realized that it was tied to that single supplier, so couldn’t take advantage of better rates offered by alternative suppliers.

Genesys partner, ENGAGE, has developed a cloud-based customer contact platform using Genesys software, which it deploys to its customers on Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. The Genesys SIP-based architecture enables very cost effective virtual customer services so that ENGAGE can deploy its solution anywhere there is a data connection. This flexibility meant that Jetstar was recently able to open a new 200-agent contact center in the Philippines within weeks, simply by deploying the ENGAGE platform built on Genesys solutions.

“The only way to roll-out software that quickly is the cloud,” says Aaron Panozza, CEO of ENGAGE. “It also means that you only have to build it once, and any changes you make are instantly reflected across the whole user organization. Jetstar could use our implementation of Genesys software as soon as they were ready for it.”


  • SIP-based platform deployed on a hosted ‘on-demand’ service enables cost effective virtual customer services
  • One system handles all contact centers, services and languages, which ensures faster customer service delivery
  • Rapid roll-outs, including a new 200 agent contact center in production in weeks, which saved on implementation costs
  • No maintenance or management overhead costs passed on to the customer
  • On-demand Contact Center Services to approximately 750 agents at three contact centers

“Airlines need suppliers to offer the best possible value so they can pass this on to customers. Services need to be inexpensive, but also excellent. Genesys helps ENGAGE deliver the software platform that in turn allows Jetstar’s contact centers do precisely that.”

Aaron Panozza, CEO of ENGAGE, providers of Jetstar’s contact center on demand software services


  • Flexibility to allow the introduction of new services, channels, and additional resources quickly and easily into its call center network
  • Enable rapid deployments to additional contact centers and new resources to optimize customer service delivery
  • Ensure consistency across multiple contact centers and multiple languages to ensure better customer satisfaction