As a leading mobile operator Jawwal is always looking to innovate. Taking customer experience to the next level meant replacing IVR functionality that was limited and hard to integrate with back-end systems.

Switching to the Genesys Voice Platform allowed Jawwal to take control of services in-house. Now, the company’s ingenious developers use Genesys Composer to rapidly create self-service tools.

Voice applications are deployed 50% faster, saving money and freeing up resources to focus on other tasks. More customers self-serve than ever before, while staff satisfaction is up by 80%.


  • Customer self-service levels increased by 40%
  • Employee satisfaction improved by 80%
  • Technical faults reduced by 70%

“We want to enhance the customer experience more and more at Jawwal, and Genesys gives us the means to do that.”

Eyad Nabhan
Head of the Integration & Development Department


  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce administration overhead