InfoArmor delivers employee identity protection and advanced threat intelligence to help businesses combat data theft and digital fraud for their employees. More than 700 companies rely on InfoArmor to keep their employees, customers, and data secure. InfoArmor operates in a highly competitive market, and is focused on protecting their customers and delivering great customer experiences—just like their website states: “Our technology keeps clients safe. Our personalized service keeps them happy.”

Genesys Premier Edition powers the InfoArmor cloud contact center, making it easy for them to keep their customers at the forefront of every service initiative. Premier Edition allows InfoArmor to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and improve business agility to stay in front of the competition.


  • Level 1 PCI Compliance
  • Scalability to support doubling customer base
  • Hour-by-hour call volume forecasting
  • Increased agent satisfaction

“Lots of companies have agents who can provide great service if everything works just right. The best way I see to differentiate InfoArmor is through the consistency, automation, and personalization that Premier Edition delivers.”

Doug Kaplan
Director of Customer Success


  • Inability to scale
  • Inability to customize IVR to meet unique customer needs
  • Lack of adequate reporting and insight
  • Agent Dissatisfaction