Find out more about ICBC’s journey to transform the customer experience in the contact center. 

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) ― in business as a Crown Corporation since the 1970s ― is the sole provider of basic auto insurance in the province, and also competes in the open Optional marketplace. The company’s twenty-six contact centers handle everything from insurance claims to automobile registration, driver licensing, and vehicle licensing for B.C. inhabitants.

ICBC does not take its universal coverage mandate, or its competitive position in the open market, for granted. The company wants to earn customer trust and loyalty by carefully managing how the public perceives its brand and services. To that end, ICBC has undertaken a major business transformation with the objective of improving the customer experience ― and exceeding customer expectations ― as the cornerstones.

As part of a new strategic initiative for the company, ICBC set out to create a flexible, modern contact center with Genesys solutions at its core. New customer service applications and infrastructure is helping ICBC operate more efficiently today, while supporting future initiatives for customer engagement and improved brand perception. Says Jinger Jutla, Senior Manager for Enterprise Solutions at ICBC: “We want to make investments that will serve the company’s business model for the future. This project is a roadmap for the foundational work that will support all of our customer-facing processes for many years to come.”


  • Improved routing flexibility ― route to agents based on skills, independent of location
  • Modern, configurable, standards-based contact center supports new technologies
  • No custom code means less cost, more adaptability
  • Real-time accountability and visibility into customer experience through configurable reporting and analytics
  • Easier, faster access to contact center metrics, statistics, and historical trends
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to shorter call and wait times, faster issue resolution
  • Strong foundation for new channels, self-service, and customer engagement initiatives

“The Genesys Upgrade Project has been a great success in setting us up for the future. The business as a whole benefits from the ability to better understand customers and their diverse needs, and by empowering our workforce to proactively support customers with the best experience possible.”

Jinger Jutla, Senior Manager for Enterprise Solutions at ICBC


  • Business transformation initiative required customer-centric strategy to prepare for future growth
  • Replace aging, highly customized and inflexible contact center infrastructure
  • Proprietary reporting solution hampered visibility into contact center metrics
  • Location-based routing limited the number of agents available for optimal customer service delivery