After the financial crisis, the bank began to vigorously foster its telesales operations, which included handling incoming calls and internet requests, and not just cold calls. Contact center employees needed a new way to handle their workload as the way business is done changes and develops.

Agents were siloed according to their skill set. Every request that the contact center received was sent to the appropriate group of agents. There would be times when certain groups of operators would be bogged down in time-sensitive work, while others would stand idle; but the bank’s management wanted to optimize the call center’s operations and heighten operators’ performance. Therefore, the decision was made to do away with separate specialized groups and to create an integrated mobile center.

Find out how this market leader used Genesys technology to streamline their operations whilst improving customer satisfaction and improving the working lives of their contact center agents


  • Each operator handles an additional four calls per hour
  • 90% of incoming calls handled within 20 seconds
  • 90% of requests from the website are processed in under an hour
  • Number of unsuccessful calls in outgoing telemarketing campaigns under 10%
  • Number of unsuccessful requests calls from the website is less than 3%

“The average number of calls that an operator handles has increase by four per hour, while 90% of incoming calls are handled within 20 seconds.”

Egor Buinitsky
Deputy Director for Home Credit Bank Contact Center Operations & Support Department
Home Credit Bank


  • Customer requests handled slowly
  • Operators were not processing enough requests hourly