Grupo Omnilife is a Mexican company that develops, produces, and distributes more than 100 dietary supplements and beauty and personal care products. Headquartered in Guadalajara, the company directly employs more than 6,000 people and distributes its products through a multi-level network of 5.5 million sales representatives in 19 countries.

Before Genesys, the Omnilife contact center processed 1.8 million inbound and 37,000 outbound calls per year without any prioritization capabilities. Agents handled incoming calls and made outbound contacts randomly during off-peak times. The sales campaigns, however, did not meet expectations, as they were unable to prioritize tasks or define business processes for each channel. Their existing platform wasn’t flexible enough and lacked the necessary management control tools, which resulted in complex manual processes that were both costly and time-consuming for the company. In line with its multi-level sales strategy, the company needed a solution that would increase sales and optimize the customer experience (CX) through outbound sales and affiliate recovery campaigns.

Omnilife was looking to improve its existing customer service solution by integrating technology that would enable additional communication channels, high availability, and the scalability to rapidly respond to increasing business requirements.


  • Wait times reduced significantly
  • Customer retention increased 25%
  • Agent productivity increased 20%
  • Increase in sales conversion ratio
  • Superior omnichannel CX

“Genesys understood both our business and the market needs and helped us boost sales.”

Carlos Flores
Customer Care Sub-Director
Grupo Omnilife


  • Need to increase sales across channels within the company’s multi-level marketing model