Find out how Korea Expressway improved inbound call routing, reporting, and monitoring to help fuel company performance and improve citizen interactions.

Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) is a public sector body that constructs and manages high-speed toll roads throughout South Korea. KEC needed to be able to deal efficiently and quickly with inquiries from road users about tolls, traffic conditions, and the state of its roads. However, frequent system crashes in KEC's Traffic Information Center, especially at busy times, meant calls were unable to get through, leaving both callers and KEC's agents frustrated.

KEC turned to Genesys for a new contact center solution that delivers reliable call handling around the clock, along with improved routing using interactive voice response (IVR) to identify why callers are calling and to direct them to an appropriately-skilled agent. The Genesys solution also provides sophisticated management reporting to help the company drive performance improvements in the contact center as it takes on responsibility for supporting an ever longer road network.

Since introducing the Genesys solutions, KEC has been able to reduce the time taken to answer calls and resolve queries from the public. Managers can track estimated wait times in real time and take action to maintain service levels, and agents are more productive ― not just because the system is simple and more reliable, but also because the reporting provided by Genesys has allowed managers to identify ways to improve how the contact center operates. Says Mr. Ji-Sung Ahn, IT manager of Korea Expressway Corporation: "Genesys delivers stability, scalability, and versatility, and provides the tools needed to create significant improvements to contact center operations, backed by excellent delivery from a local business partner."


  • Improved call handling and dynamic call routing has had dramatic results – the number of calls answered has increased from 70% to 97%
  • Agent productivity has increased by 20%
  • Excellent system robustness and reliability ensures that no calls are dropped, even during spikes
  • Sophisticated real-time and historical reporting and monitoring ensures accurate data for better service level management

“We were particularly impressed by the range and accuracy of the real-time and historical reporting that comes as standard with Genesys, the simplicity with which new reports can be created and additional data reported on, and the ability to integrate Genesys easily with other systems."

Mr.Ji-Sung Ahn, IT manager of Korea Expressway Corporation


  • KEC could not effectively handle incoming calls from the public, leading to caller and agent frustration
  • The company needed to improve system reliability and call routing to agents to ensure calls were dealt with efficiently and professionally
  • They needed a new contact center solution that delivered reliable call handling, especially during busy times
  • Managers needed to be able to obtain statistics and create reports on agent productivity and performance to improve their effectiveness