First Data, a global leader in payment processing, handles payment transactions for financial institutions, government agencies, and businesses of all size. Because customer experience is a critical part of the company’s business value, its contact centers actively work to solicit customer feedback.

First Data began with an outbound phone survey for randomly selected interactions the day after the customer call.  But only a small number of surveys were completed, the emotional context of the transaction was lost, there was little direct feedback for agents, and it took months to make even the smallest change to a survey.

With Genesys, all customers are offered a survey at the time of their call, which increases the amount and quality of the feedback First Data receives. An easy-to-use web portal lets First Data easily design, implement, change, and report on customer satisfaction surveys.

As a result, First Data is better able to support its agents and customers with real-time guidance for agents, valuable insight for the merchants and financial institutions who use its services, and timely market intelligence.


  • Reduced cost and effort of customizing surveys
  • Deep insight into the customer experience
  • Targeted coaching to improve agent performance
  • Timely marketing insight for institutional customers

“We’re very happy with the Genesys Survey Solution – it’s great to have the flexibility to make changes easily and get almost real-time insight into how customers are feeling. We’re hoping to keep rolling it out to additional products.”

Denise Ambrosio
Director, Voice of the Customer
First Data


  • Customer experience is an essential part of business value
  • Random, next-day surveys were not immediate or comprehensive
  • Needed to modify surveys on the fly