Ranked the nation’s twelfth-largest residential lender by market share, CUA remains competitive by offering friendlier customer service and being more nimble than its larger rivals. This includes engaging with existing and potential customers via web and social channels.

Home and personal lending, an important source of growth for CUA, traditionally took place over the phone or in branch locations. But technology is changing how people obtain loans. As with many other industries, the web is now a very important channel for financial institutions.

Though their existing website offered multiple ways for customers to reach representatives for help with their lending decisions, very few of those web visitors were clicking through to apply for loans. CUA understood that to both enrich their existing relationships and to attract new customers, they need to transform their website experience.

Enhancing the customer experience was the credit union’s primary objective. Finding a solution that was cost-effective, quick to implement, and able to be administered internally was also key. Already a longtime Genesys customer, CUA again turned to the industry leader after exploring offerings from other providers that fell short of their requirements.


  • More then 15,000 chat invitations accepted
  • Increased website conversion
  • More than 30% of chat interactions converted to sales leads

“Genesys helps us deliver on our goal of a ‘life-rich’ banking experience, making it easier for them to engage with us on their terms and ensuring we deliver low-cost financial products.”

Paul Cahill
Head of Digital Experience
Credit Union Australia


  • Stagnating sales of personal and home loans
  • Low website conversion rates
  • Limited opportunities for customer engagement