Founded in 1989 by Indiana University professors, Communications Disorders Technology, Inc. (CDT) develops new technologies for speech and hearing professionals, teachers of foreign languages, and teachers of people with developmental disabilities. CDT operates the National Hearing Test, a not-for-profit, telephone-based test developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health to screen adults for hearing loss.

CDT utilizes the Genesys Customer Experience Platform for the screening test platform, which delivers platform stability and scalability, visibility into screening results, and the ability to make changes easily to meet the evolving needs of the organization.


  • Ensures scalability and reliability
  • Delivers screening time and cost savings
  • Provides ability to make changes in under an hour 

“Genesys handles high volume elegantly, delivers an experience that requires low effort, and makes it easy for us to make changes on the fly.”

Alex Crowley
Project Manager for the National Hearing Test


  • Unable to handle large call volumes
  • Risk of dropped calls and call quality complaints
  • Outsourced solutions limited control and flexibility