The Collection House Group is a leading Australasian receivables management company providing a portfolio of services covering the entire credit management lifecycle.

PureConnect by Genesys was deployed by QPC to significantly improve productivity and enhance the overall customer experience.  The PureConnect platform is already improving contact center operations by driving overall efficiency and enhancing operational effectiveness. The center can handle a larger number of customers in a shorter period of time.

The platform is now being deployed throughout the organization.  It will equip the contact center with voice analytics, skills-based routing and predictive dialing to support agent optimization and ensure that the right calls go the agent best equipped to enhance the customer experience.


  • Improved overall efficiency and enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Increased average volume of outbound calls 42% in four months
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Facilitated search functionality within the call data 

“We selected PureConnect based on its great feature functionality,… We could see that it would be easy for our call centre staff to master and would significantly improve their productivity.”

Anthony Rivas, CEO,
Collection House Group


  • Increase agent productivity and efficiency
  • Provide senior management with insight into metrics
  • Deliver value-adding features such as workforce optimization and skills-based routing