Clínica Dávila is a healthcare institution dedicated to securing and improving people’s health both efficiently and cost-effectively. They are focused on bringing together technology, business and operational management, customer education, and research innovation. One of the most important private health centers in Chile, Clínica Dávila sees 550,000 inquiry calls, 95,000 emergency cases, 24,000 surgeries, 38,000 admissions, and 8,000 child births annually. They have 550 beds, 16 surgical pavilions, and 6 maternity pavilions in their network.

Meeting the increasing demand for high-quality services and facilitating effective communications between patients and health providers are two key components in a highly sensitive healthcare environment. It is very important to ensure multi-service availability and to maximize customer service in order to reduce outpatient absenteeism rates.

Clínica Dávila grew rapidly and needed a cost-effective and holistic customer service platform that could handle a high volume of online interactions across multiple channels, without increasing the number of employees. Furthermore, they needed to provide their employees with necessary tools to be more efficient and productive.


  • 50% more calls were answered with the same number of employees
  • 5% abandoned call reduction
  • Dramatic improvements for outpatient care 

“The Crossnet team powered by Genesys is fully committed and always ready to help. Their main asset is their people, who are knowledgeable about best practices application and platform capabilities.”

Valenzuela Meneses
Remote Channel Assistant Manager
Clínica Dávila


  • Deliver superior self-service to improve customer experience
  • Accelerate first contact resolution