As a market leader, CATSA (Centro de Asistencia Telefónica S.A.) is anxious to ensure its pay-per-view TV customers have the best possible experience. This means providing multi-channel communications, but without losing sight of costs.

It's been able to do this by extending the use of its Genesys contact center platform over the years, incorporating new channels such as email and chat.

The efficiency that CATSA is able to achieve using Genesys technology means the company not only provides multi-channel services, but can also fulfill more campaigns with the same number of agents, or redeploy agents into areas where extra resources are needed.


  • Enhanced customer interaction across voice, email, and web chat with click-to-call virtual assistant as well as social media channels
  • Seamless integration of Latin American operations and Spanish agent workforce, for lower cost and greater flexibility
  • Improved working conditions with the opportunity for more varied duties and broader employment opportunities
  • Call-to-agent ratios increased by between 15 and 20 percent

“Having greater flexibility to move agents around means we smooth out peaks and troughs in resourcing, which saves money.”

Ángel Ruiz Calonge, IT Director, CATSA


  • Enhance customer service while reducing costs, optimizing resource utilization, and improving employee retention
  • Stay ahead of the game in a world in which customers increasingly demand multi-channel interactions