Campus USA Credit Union used Avaya for TDM-based switching at their inbound and outbound contact center in Florida. The credit union needed to roll out branch offices more quickly, and wanted the flexibility to bring maintenance and customizations in-house.

“Our Avaya contract was about to expire, so we thought it was a good time to look at other products,” said Mitch Wright, Senior Network Administrator at Campus USA Credit Union. “Open software architectures would enable us to adapt more quickly and cost-effectively to both internal growth and end-user requirements. We believed a VoIP-based system would best meet our requirements by eliminating things like voice cards and wiring, thus allowing us to get new users up and running instantly.”

Campus USA Credit Union reviewed VoIP systems from traditional telecom vendors, but ultimately chose PureConnect, a standards-based IP communications suite from Genesys.


  • Speed-to-answer rates of less than 25 seconds per call
  • 2.1% abandon rate
  • Under 5-minutes email response time

“From a coaching perspective, the ability to record and monitor calls has been a tremendous benefit. PureConnect is so easy to use, line supervisors can spend more time working with the agents and giving performance feedback.”

Jill Point, Senior Vice President of Card Services


  • Replace existing Avaya system with a modern, multichannel interaction suite that includes email response management, recording, reporting and centralized administration