Expert in customer relations, BlueLink Group provides tailored multimedia solutions to world-renowned brands like Air France, American Express, Barclays and Louis Vuitton. Legacy technology handled incoming and outgoing calls and faxes, as well as issues flagged by the CRM system, but the business wanted an intelligent, flexible platform to help customers transition to digital while increasing agent productivity.

Now, with Genesys, on top of that time saving in the IT function, BlueLink has made big contact center efficiency gains. For example, using Genesys Enterprise Workload Management for traffic prioritization frees up spare agents to take on other tasks. Also, the Genesys system’s greater stability and ergonomic design has driven a major improvement in agent satisfaction.

Genesys Enterprise Workload Management insures high priority tasks like claims, booking forms and faxes from the CRM system are pushed direct to agents’ desktops for processing. BlueLink has measured significant gains in the speed of back-office activities as a result. And adopting a push ethos means agents can’t cherry pick jobs, giving better productivity. Agents working on CRM and background tasks can be interrupted if VIP calls need answering, helping meet contractual customer SLAs.


  • Improved call handling with increased 10-second call resolution and less than 1.5 percent call abandonment rate
  • Estimated monthly attainment in SLAs greater than five percent, with raised agent satisfaction scores
  • Increased productivity with a seven percent rise in agent availability
  • Significant IT cost reduction through rationalization 

“Genesys was a natural choice. Not only was their reputation impeccable, but they also met all our technical criteria. Stability and reliability were key factors.”

Marc Breiner
Director of Operations
BlueLink Group


  • Improve and harmonize central management and resource utilization
  • Adopt a flexible and tailored solution to meet 135 different SLAs
  • Earn extra market share in a competitive environment
  • Increase customer and agent satisfaction