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Increase website conversions with AI and machine learning

Sales and marketing teams spend a lot of time, effort and money to convert leads from your website. All verticals – retail, bank, travel, insurance, healthcare – and all size companies can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase conversions, revenue and improve sales productivity.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How machine learning tracks all customer behavior on your website and notifies you when customers are lost, on the verge of cart abandonment or leaving your site without a desired outcome.
  • How to provide personalized engagement with all channels—chat, discount pop-up offers, content offers, email, mobile—to engage customers on their preferred channels in real-time.
  • How to leverage bots to start conversions and know when to route conversations to a live sales rep in real-time—at the right time—to co-browse, help find customer find what they want or answer questions.

Meet the Speakers

Pratiekpathakwebinar image

Pratiek Pathak
Lead Demo Consultant

Rick mccrossen webinar image

Richard McCrossan
Digital Sales Lead


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