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See how to predictively engage your prospects and customers in real-time!

Join this webinar to find out how Genesys Altocloud uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to understand what great online journeys are like, monitor prospects and customers in real time and enable you to intervene through chat, callback or a content offer—based on your rules—when a prospective customer is going astray.

In your competitive market, it’s increasingly important to pinpoint the moment when you might lose a customer’s loyalty. Being able to engage with customers in real time or asynchronously is a critical step in doing this.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Genesys Altocloud drives increased sales and conversions, produces more qualified leads, provides a better online user experience and reduces your cost of sales. This solution gives you the power of AI-fueled customer journey analytics, real-time machine learning, and predictive engagement through live chat, callback or content offers. Learn about the benefits from our experts, and gain insights into lost opportunities with a free 30-day trial.

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Paul o’dywer webinar

Paul O’Dwyer
Sales Engineer Manager, WW


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