SJ Traffic Control

Improving customer service and safety with integration and automation

SJ Traffic Control is part of SJ AB, the Swedish state-owned company that runs railway passenger traffic and is responsible for managing all operational anomalies affecting SJ traffic, travelers, employees and equipment.

SJ Traffic Control annually monitors 300,000 departures; 37 million passengers rely on the trains. To make the right decisions in any situation, all 5,000 employees on board the trains each day must receive relevant information. SJ Traffic Control consists of 160 people throughout three control centers in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

Because of the large number of cases that SJ Traffic Control manages each day, they require systems that never fail and can prioritise incoming cases. “At first, we used a standard analog queue, but it became chaotic,” said Anders Edgren, former Technical Manager at SJ Traffic Control. “Incoming calls simultaneously rang on multiple phones, instead of being directed to the correct agent, which resulted in increased wait times.”

A major benefit of deploying the PureConnect™ platform is that it’s easy for SJ Traffic Control to create new queues and functions. Previously, the lead time to modify or add functions was a month, as it was done through their previous supplier Trafikverket, Swedish Transport Administration. Easy integration with other systems as well as the high-operational stability of the PureConnect platform are other important benefits for SJ Traffic Control.


  • Enhanced system integration
  • Improved call prioritisation
  • Faster case processing for customers
  • Faster lead times to modify or add functions


  • Handling multiple cases daily that were not prioritised correctly or dealt with efficiently.

The Genesys PureConnect platform met all requirements and also felt the most modern out of all the systems we looked at.

Anders Edgren, former Technical Manager, SJ Traffic Control