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Get added value from our App Marketplace with Genesys AppFoundry


Reach new markets and grow your business as a partner

The Genesys AppFoundry makes it easier for partners to profit from the extended solutions built specifically for vertical and business needs. With AppFoundry, the broad community of Genesys customers can easily find your contact centre and customer experience applications. Several programme models are available for AppFoundry participants, depending on the type of Genesys-certified solution you offer.

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Accessory partner application

Enable the Genesys sales team to sell your third-party utilities, such as routing applications, custom reports, IVR applications, workspace or extensions, within the AppFoundry marketplace. For services and implementation, you can subcontract to our Professional Services team as part of a Genesys sale—or you can bundle services into the customer quote. Genesys does not assume support and liability. This is the responsibility of the third-party application in all programme models. Set prices and product discounts according to your market conditions, and Genesys will obtain 30% of net revenue and pay you a 70% share.

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Core integration partner application

Use your Genesys expertise on a grand scale by marketing unique desktop integrations, reporting apps, custom apps, workload management adapters and ISV integrations to the entire Genesys customer base. Price and discount your product according to market conditions, and share 15% of net revenue with Genesys or 25%, if sold in combination with Runtime Connector Licence targeted for your product.

Extension partner application

List extension apps that integrate into the Genesys platform to deliver value for non-Genesys-licensed users—outside of the customer service operation. Price and discount your product according to your market conditions and share 25% of your net revenue with Genesys.

Take your contact centre to the cloud

Hardware partner application

Sell your hardware products, solutions and appliances through a model for new Genesys deals, a major extension or a shift from one hardware vendor to another (for Day 1 deals). Price and discount your product according to your market conditions and share 5% of your net revenue with Genesys.